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February 10, 2011


What is EMO

Emo is a genre of music and a term used to describe the looks of "Scene Kids" (those who listen to the music and follow the fashion trends).
You will hear people getting labeled differen't things, but the term is for the genre of music. Scene is used to describe the fashion or culture of the genre! The actual music is similar to indie rock or punk. It's not really the same music anymore as it was back in the 1980's or 1990's, although the term "emo" was taken from the pioneers of the earlier musical styles.

  EMO Hairstyle and Fashion

Scene hairstyles really are one of the hottest trends and have influenced mainstream fashion and a lot of people don't even realize it. A lot of people in their mid 20's are now dressing scene and wearing the hair. The same people who make fun of kids for being emo-tional sometimes have been influenced by the trend more than they know.. Even those who can't name a real emo band. That is how this culture has become, less about the music and more about the fashion, but is that really such a bad thing? The music will survive, even if the term has been misapplied and stolen.


 How To DRESS like EMO?   

So you wanna dress emo? Dressing emo is fun and let's you express yourself. If your into fashion you like to try new looks on yourself and hey maybe you'll find your real inner emo in the process. The basic idea of dressing emo is to express who you really are. To show what's inside and not just what's outside.. Okay.. Well.. It's also really hot, and really cool.
Most emo guys and girls wear their hair short and wild, and wear tight fitting clothes with usually un-symmetrial and unbalanced designs like in the photo below. Like I said, it's all about expressing yourself and wearing what you like. Not what others are really doing to like. The BEST place to get cool emo clothes is at vintage thrift stores.. Find a comfy old school hoody or sweater. Find unique clothes. Make your own. Be unique...  

Emo hair and emo hairstyles

Emo kids are popular for their amazing hair styles and fashion, and choosing the right hairstyle for yourself can be a long and hard process.. When choosing your new hairstyle it needs to be unique, but that doesn't mean that you can't use elements from someone elses hair and combine them into your own unique hair. 

**What makes emo hair? 

Emo hair is usually not bright pink or neon green, though it can be. Emo hair usually looks messy and spikey, even puffy. It can be uneven. It can be wild. Emo hair usually isn't symmetrical and highlights are common and help with the anti-symmetry. There are no set boundaries for "emo hair"... Guys hair is usually long but usually not past the ears. Girls hair can be long, but most often the hair is above the shoulders and is commonly the same length and most emo guys hair. Commonly for guys the hair is longer in the front than in the back.



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