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The name's Enna Chabey Shahzriennah. Enna for short.8teen years old in age(2011). I live here, in Sabah Malaysia. lol. yups, still studying in DPM's High School, taking Business&Trade election. Joined the Photography Club and guess what? im the 2nd Leaders there ;) Im a pure Malaysian without any mixture. So now you know my NASL, dont ask more ;)

February 8, 2011

My Bestie Mohd Shafy !!

Meet My friend, SHAFY! Or you can call him FEE :) Hahaha.
 He did post something about me on his blog, so im gonna make the same for  him aswell :) 
Well, i just know him this month (FEBRUARY).
At first i thought he was just like the others on FaceBook.
But im guessing wrong. He's SO DAMN NICE :D
We POKED each other before we even introduce ourselves well. LOL.
Then after added him, we talk a lot on FaceBook.
Until now. Honestly, he became ONE of my closest friends now :D
We're on the same age with a different bornDate, LOL :D

So, here's a little sum ABOUT SHAFY :) (copied from his FB's Bio)
Well, i was born on the 22nd of september 1993, the last day of virgo. im a 165cm guy. im a talkactive person maybe? depends on the type of person whos giving respond. HEHE :P im easy to get bored with simple things in my daily life. so most of the time ill spend my time hanging out with my buddies and close friends :) for me, facebook is an awesome social network site cause its the place for making lots of new friends. sharing stories, opinions and suchs is a good thing to do. it really helps to improve your communication skills :D dark and light colours is my favourite item to wear. love to do new things in life. girls? AHEM :P i like to see girls with long hair, but not too long la :) life? i used to dance at the streets, so dont laugh. HAHA :D if your talking bout cars, yeah, i admit that i dont have any car. but i know about certain parts about it. i to see cars with massive woofers and big engines :D so, if you like the same thing, add me up! :) so, that describes me i guess?

Yesh, it sure does described about you :D

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