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The name's Enna Chabey Shahzriennah. Enna for short.8teen years old in age(2011). I live here, in Sabah Malaysia. lol. yups, still studying in DPM's High School, taking Business&Trade election. Joined the Photography Club and guess what? im the 2nd Leaders there ;) Im a pure Malaysian without any mixture. So now you know my NASL, dont ask more ;)

March 20, 2011

Wedding time!

Hehehee. lol not my wedding okay? actually pkara neh uda past. it's my uncle's wedding. wedding dea on January 1st 2011. hehe, pretty rockin date, huh? hehee..
urm crita neh memg past la, pii tetap mao crita gak. hehehe. lupa nak crita tym update blog dlu :P hehehe.
urm wedding toe berlngsung d kota mrudu. my uncle pnya wife pnya tmpat. hahahar! memg happening gak la tym toe.
smua go there ^^ hehehe kazens, my aunts, my uncles, and all of my uncle's siblings lar. hehe.
yang besh neh tym gather with my kazen malam toe. ngam2 lae my abah managed karaoke there. so senang la nak request lagu :P
hehehee .. urm pas dorg nyanyi2 there, ktorang request lagu PitBull - i know u want me. hehehe. so cana la start clubbing kampong2. hehehee ..
pi even kampong2 pon, jan maen2 hoh.~ hahahahr! dorng there kbyakan nya kadazan n dusun, so lao mnum2 pkara besa la toe ^^ hehehe ..
so here's sum pictures before and during the wedding :) hehehe ..


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